Fibroid Freedom Workshop

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Are you a Melanated woman living with fibroids? Are you tired of treatments that don't seem to work or advice that feels generic and not tailored to your needs? We understand. The struggle with fibroids is real and often misunderstood. But it doesn't have to be this way.

The Fibroid Freedom Workshop exists - to address the specific needs of Melanated women battling fibroids. This workshop is about giving you the right tools, knowledge, and support to conquer fibroids. It's about taking back control of your health and your life.

At the Fibroid Freedom Workshop, we don't just talk about fibroids. We delve deep into understanding them, exploring their impact on your health, and uncovering the most effective ways to manage them. Our sessions are led by experts in the field, providing practical strategies and actionable steps to deal with fibroids. But it's not just about the physical aspect. We also look at the emotional and mental implications, providing you with holistic healing methods to manage stress and maintain emotional well-being.

Imagine a life where fibroids don't dictate your daily routine or plans. A life where you have the knowledge and confidence to manage your symptoms and enhance your overall health. That's what the Fibroid Freedom Workshop offers. It's about empowerment, freedom, and the joy of reclaiming control of your well-being.

That's where the Fibroid Freedom Workshop comes in. Our comprehensive approach addresses every aspect of fibroid management, from understanding and managing symptoms to lifestyle changes and stress management.

Ready to take the first step toward fibroid freedom? Invest today in the Fibroid Freedom Workshop. Don't let fibroids control your life any longer. It's time to take action and invest in your health, happiness, and future. Join the Fibroid Freedom Workshop today and start your journey towards a healthier, happier you.

Meet your Hosts:

Tamara Hawkins, MSN, RN, NP-C, IBCLC, LCCE, CHHC

Tamara has 20+ years working in maternity and supporting breastfeeding families. She was frustrated seeing mothers and babies suffer with gut, skin and other medical issues but not getting answers. Her interest in Women’s Integrative Health drove her to complete Dr. Aviva Romm's Women's Integrative & Functional Medicine Professional Training to bridge traditional wisdom with modern medicine. She believes your story is important to you wellness and that together we can rewrite your story of disease into vibrant & thriving living.


Rosa Crumpton, RN, BSN, BS, MBA/HCM

Rosa has 18+ years nursing experience and is currently a Family Nurse Practitioner Student. Diagnosed with fibroids in 2013, she was surprised that the OBGYN she was referred to only offered hysterectomy as the treatment plan without asking about family planning. Rosa is passionate about equity in healthcare, true patient-centered experiences, and real partnership between patients and providers.

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3 part workshop covering fibroids from A-Z, Bonus content: Estrogen dominance workshop, implementation guide, period tracker for people with fibroids

On demand videos you can watch from any device, anytime
Beautiful, printable transcripts of all videos
Estrogen Dominance and Detox Training + Transcript
Fibroid Freedom Implementation Guide
Period Tracker specifically created for heavy menstrual bleeding, irregular periods and other symptoms of fibroids
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Fibroid Freedom Workshop

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